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    Designer fashion in sizes 12 to 28

    There are two possible answers to the question where we come from. The navabi online shop has its origins in a boutique located in Aachen, which was first opened in 1999. Back then, our purchasing manager Maryam used to feed the wardrobes of thousands of satisfied customers with beautiful designer clothing almost by herself. Only nine years later, in the year of 2008, a small team of about six people gathered all the courage and resources they had and launched the online shop navabi GmbH. With wobbly knees, much more coffee than blood running through our veins, and the ambitious objective to dress outstanding women in equally outstanding designer fashion, we stirred up the world of fashion. And because so many customers welcomed us with arms wide open, we have been growing and expanding ever since. In 2010 we proudly accepted the Internet World Business-Idea’s award as Germany's Start-Up-Business of the year. This was an especially great honor due to the fact that the jury did not only consist of professional business experts, but also d 3500 users. By now, the handful of pioneers has turned into a strong team of numerous creative minds. And this brings us to the second part of the question’s answer where we come from. Our staff is a motley crew of different nationalities. We neither stop at borders nor at the long-established misbelief that curvy women are not meant to shop in the royal class of designer fashion.

    Where we are heading
    It is our goal to finally make the highest designer quality accessible to those women, who have been settling for too long for badly crafted and uninspired plus size fashion. Designer fashion – i.e. fashion, which is produced with a lot of creative and material efforts and hence cannot be found in millions of shops all around the world. This is why we intentionally differentiate ourselves from those shops and labels, which merely offer their commodities slightly more expensive in order to pass it off as designer fashion. Just the world’s best designers are admitted to our stock. Many of them are only available to German customers in our certified trusted-shop – and are accordingly highly sought-after. When it comes to shopping at navabi, our customers know for sure that they are purchasing true rarities, which do not only compel through their sophisticated design, but also through their distinct quality unlike any other fashion in the world. In the future, we would like to extend our position as an exclusive online shop for designer fashion from size 40 upward in order to convince fashion-conscious, lively women all over the world to express their uniqueness in equally unique fashion.

    How we are going to get there
    We are never content with the success we already achieved, but are constantly thriving to improve our customer service, starting with your first visit on our website. Based on individual interests, three well-arranged shops enable curious women to shop in the divisions Layered Look, Modern, and Luxury until their wardrobes burst. By dividing our shop into these arrays, we want to do justice to various tastes and slight price differentials. While clicking through your array of choice, you can look forward to enjoy elaborate videos and close-ups on every single article. As you can easily see online under “New Arrivals”, we fill up our stock with new treasures twice a week. Beyond that, we always try to inspire you when it comes to the elementary question “What shall I wear today?”. Just have a look at our fondly composed outfits under the correspondent category. When you finally picked your new favorite piece of fashion (or two pieces, or three or four…), we will deliver your goods within 24 to 48 hours pan-European – and within only 72 hours worldwide. But since your order does not mean that our work is done, you can contact us anytime via live chat and phone as well as via facebook and twitter. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the form of suggestions, praise, criticism or merely hearing how you are doing with your new designer fashion. By now, customers from over 20 countries are already keeping in touch with navabi – join us!
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