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Wireless instrumentation and Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Light Sensor
  • Wireless Sensor Network Coordinator-GPRS&GPS Version
  • Wireless Sensor Network Coordinator-GPRS Version
  • Wireless Data Acquisition Platform dedicated to All Or Nothing measurement
  • Wireless Sensor Network Coordinator-Ethernet Version
  • Wireless Inclinometer
Hall Devices, measurements
Stand 6T930J
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Wireless solutions for data & audio transmission
  • WIFI gateway (802.11b/g) in IP65 box – ARF42
  • ARF73 - UHF Professional radio Modem
  • Middle range multi-channel radio modem RS232/RS485 or USB – ARF43
  • Class1 Bluetooth® module – ARF52
  • Class1 Bluetooth® RS232 Dongle – ARF62
  • “Low cost” multichannel RS232 – 433/434MHz radio modem – ARF33
Hall Electronics
Stand 3T184Q
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MP3 players, accessories
  • Hisoundaudio ROCOO BA Version (for Multi Armature & High Sensitivity Earphones) Audiophile MP3 Music Player
  • Fiio E02i Portable Smartphone Headphone Amplifier for iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5
  • Brainwavz M5 Earphones with Mic and In-line Remote
  • Cowon iAudio X9 Super Player 32GB MP3 Portable Media Player With 110 Hours Battery Life Colour WHITE
  • Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier
  • ACS Custom T1 Classic Custom Made Triple Driver Earphone Monitors
Hall Art, leisure, sport
Stand 7C242F
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